Own projects

At present ILA is working on several projects using fund programmes of OP VVV, Interreg, Erasmus+, Horizon2020 aimed at commercialization of technological innovations, social innovations and education in the field.

  • PoC ILA I
  • PoC ILA II
  • Innovative xPORT Services
  • Net ZP
  • Methodology development

Reference projects

Since its establishment, ILA, s.r.o. has participated in many projects. The following list represents only the most significant selection.

  • Take-off EuKTS
  • Science and Innovation Management
  • Cooperation with The Jan Evangelista Purkyne University in Ustí nad Labem
  • NET ZP – The network for less abled persons
  • MC Anděl, s.r.o.
  • Development of Methodology of home – environment of disabled persons in order to improve their occupational capacities
  • European Knowledge Transfer Society – EuKTS
  • Knowledge and technology transfer – extension of the European TTM education model to other regions of the Czech Republic
  • Knowledge and Technology Transfer in Selected Regions (TTM CB)
  • Transnational Technology Transfer Manager (TTM UK)
  • Certified Transnational Technology Transfer Manager (CERT-TTT-M)
  • Innovation Entrepreneurship at the the Charles University
  • Polyfunctional cultural center


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